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Woohoo! After so many years claimed by a domain squatter, we got the domain back. I guess old fansubber domains aren’t high up on the squatter radar anymore. I also just purged the spam catcher of nearly 3,000 posts

2,000 spam posts on this blog


Egads. Over 2,000 spam posts. Akismet definitely does a good job. Again, apologies if you got detected as spam if you were a legit poster

Website will be down for a little


This website’s host will be down for an hour on Saturday. I can’t complain too much since they are very affordable.

Ghost Sweeper Mikami licensed


Well, apparently Ghost Sweeper Mikami got licensed. That means, until we get word otherwise, it’ll be dropped. We’ll be contacting the scarywater backup hosters to try to get it removed from their listing.

Got a torrent site that’s working for now

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The folks at animesuki are hosting a mirror to scarywater at Please use that until we figure out where to move our torrents.

Also, I did another huge comment purge. Again, I apologize if I took out any legit posters. It’s tricky because there were 46 comments, and the legit comments were hard to weed out. Feel free to repost.

torrent sites are down


scarywater just closed. I made a cheesy joke about it closed at (fansubber soon) and looks like it happened. Please bear with us while we check out the situation. It also looks like someone forgot to pay for the flf domain as well, so we may

Thanks to coolsnoops for notifying us

Spam spam spam spam bleack


Yuck. I just went though 22 pages of spam, after finding out akismet wasn’t installed. I would like to apologize if I accidentally deleted your comment on accident if you aren’t a spammer.

An experiment


I decided to try this just once, so don’t freak out.

I put in a par2 into the latest batch of Ghost Sweeper Mikami. A par2 file contains parity data for every one of the episodes in the torrent. In this case, it contains around 30 megabytes of it. Par2 basically patches a damaged file to fix it. You can patch up to how much of the par2 you have.

I’m not aware if anyone else has tried this, and I have no idea if it’s a good idea or not. So, if it turns out sucking, we’ll rebuild the torrent without the .par2 file. I really see no harm in trying. Feel free to let us know your opinion on this blog or on our IRC channel.

New bittorrent tracker


Well, scarywater is still up at, however, we have no idea when it’ll go down. Since it hasn’t gone down and the new tracker is working, we’re transitioning to This way, we get the seeds and peers from both trackers at once for the torrents that are simply transferred over. Nice, eh?

The split torrents will be combined, as you might have seen with Run=Dim. This will make seeding on our side easier. They were broken before because people, when the torrents were created, were still using 40 gig hard drives. Since 2 TB drives are around $150 now, no point.

Anyways, enjoy and let us know if you need anything seeded. We’re human, after all and sometimes life distracts us from maintaining torrents. Please note that we’ll mostly seed the tracker first, unless the torrent sets are exactly the same. With some creative programming, we were able to transfer the torrents with only modifying the tracker info.

New Bittorrent website switch happening


The dude that runs is having problems keeping the site up both time-wise and financially. Man did I take it for granted. However, it’s amazing that he lasted so long, so thanks from all of us, mxs.