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Ghost Sweeper Mikami licensed


Well, apparently Ghost Sweeper Mikami got licensed. That means, until we get word otherwise, it’ll be dropped. We’ll be contacting the scarywater backup hosters to try to get it removed from their listing.

Got a torrent site that’s working for now

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The folks at animesuki are hosting a mirror to scarywater at Please use that until we figure out where to move our torrents.

Also, I did another huge comment purge. Again, I apologize if I took out any legit posters. It’s tricky because there were 46 comments, and the legit comments were hard to weed out. Feel free to repost.

torrent sites are down


scarywater just closed. I made a cheesy joke about it closed at (fansubber soon) and looks like it happened. Please bear with us while we check out the situation. It also looks like someone forgot to pay for the flf domain as well, so we may

Thanks to coolsnoops for notifying us