Woohoo! After so many years claimed by a domain squatter, we got the domain back. I guess old fansubber domains aren’t high up on the squatter radar anymore. I also just purged the spam catcher of nearly 3,000 posts

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  1. So, can you tell me where I can get your release of Kanon now that ScaryWater is down? I can’t find any working downloads.

  2. tell me about spamers .

  3. Would you be interested in timed scripts for the series ‘Heavenly War Chronicles, Shulato’? (Or Shurato, whichever way you prefer to spell it…)

  4. I frequently remnid myself that I didn’t do anything to cause this. I find it ironic that at my younger son’s football games, other parents congratulate the parents of the kid who made a great run or a great block or a touchdown, like somehow they’re responsible for the players’ athletic ability. It’s not true it either case, but parents who haven’t been affected by a child’s addiction don’t seem to realize this.

  5. What happened to the IRC channel? Wanted to pop in and say hi :(

  6. it died pocky, along with our hopes and dreams :D… wait sorry… ;_; there thats better

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