Ishin Anime started as a small group releasing episodes of anime that we knew others would want to see. Today, Ishin is a much bigger group branching out into other forms of entertainment like Manga. Becoming more international, we worked hard to provide more anime that’s not only high quality but also multilingual. As we grow further we gain more members who take time out of their already tremendously busy lives to help us in our cause. Our goals are simple- we want major companies and distributors to take notice of the anime we release. We hope they realize that the anime we are fansubbing should be licensed and brought to America so that others may enjoy them just as much as we have. As long as there is some good anime and some time we will keep on subtitling. We thank all those who have supported us and hope you will continue to do so.

If you are interested in getting to know us and the many fans who visit our channel, then visit us on IRC. Just type in:

/server irc.rizon.net
/join #ishin

Or learn more here.

Make sure to read the channel topic before you do anything. Most information can be found there. It can also save you from getting banned. =) All of our members are willing to help you with your questions… but please refrain from asking things like, “When will the next episode be out?”. So, when you enter the channel, type !rules to learn what you should and should not do.

Remember, fansubbed anime is not for rent or for sale… if you have rented or bought one of our releases then we are not to blame.