Q. I downloaded your video, but I get some error message mentioning a ‘DIV3′ or ‘DIV4′ codec when trying to play it. What’s wrong?
A. You need to install the ‘DivX’ codec to watch our videos. You can get the codec from http://www.divx-digest.com or search for it on http://www.google.com (We suggest DivX codec 3.11a or 4).

Q. What’s the difference between DivX3 and DivX4?
A. The main difference between DivX3 and DivX4 is the quality that each produces. DivX3 can be encoded to be much smaller but loses some quality. On the other hand, DivX4 can be encoded to be a little bit bigger but higher in quality. (e.g.: DivX3 = 150MB, then a DivX4 = only 170MB. 20MB bigger but worth it when talking about good quality anime.)

Q. The video is blocky and plays really slowly! What’s going on?
A. Please make sure that you’ve tried playing the video for more than 8 seconds (the codec does not use DirectDraw acceleration/filtering in the first GOP, which is usually 4-5 seconds). If that doesn’t work, try reinstalling the codec. Note: DivX is very CPU intensive: a 350MHz CPU is recommended as the minimum.

Q. I see purple artifacts (flare-like) between keyframes, particularly when there’s movement or panning scenes. How can I fix this?
A. Try reinstalling the DivX codec. This problem may not be correctable on Voodoo Rush display adapters.

Q. Am I allowed to host an fserve or FTP in your channel?
A. We accept all fserves and FTPs, as well as people who want to provide a dump site.

Q. What guidelines should I follow when I fserve or FTP?
A. We ask that you serve no porn and no warez. =) And, please, no banner or ratio FTPs. (FTPs that ask you to click on a banner to get a username or password; those will not be tolerated.) We also ask that there be no ratio fserves as well.

Q. Can I join Ishin-Anime and be an op in your channel?
A. We accept applications for translators, timers, editors, encoders, and dumps. We only give ops to those who help out the site and the channel in some way. (Leechers don’t get ops =D)